Cell Phone Hogger

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Our Cell Phone Hogger is the PIGFECT solution for keeping you safe when driving, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times.

Product Description

Size: For Mobile Phones 3.5"- 5.5"
Product Size: L*W*H  22.5 * 17 * 0.8cm

• Cool unique piggy shape design, flexible for cell phone or GPS holder

• Hugs your phone, GPS or small tablet  

• Two functions: Cradles your phone serving as a desktop stand and/or  mounts in your car's air vent as a cell phone holder

• Made of environmental-friendly non-slip silicone rubber to avoid scratches and sliding when you place your phone in it

• The silicone covered metal body is flexible and allows you to bend it any way you want