Micro Pig Bluetooth Speaker

Sold Out!

You'll be blown away when you connect your Micro Pig Speaker to your favorite Bluetooth enabled device! The sound will amaze you, a surprisingly powerful & crisp all coming from a speaker just a little bigger than a golf ball! The Micro Pig Stereo Speaker will become your new musical friend and the PIGfect gift!


Product Description

  • The Mini Pig Bluetooth wireless speaker packs an impressive, powerful, rich, clear, room-filling Sound with a 3W audio driver.
  • It provides easy wireless connection to your smartphone, tablet, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • It includes a selfie feature that lets you remotely activate Bluetooth enabled cameras for still shots and videos.
  • It even has a built in mic for convenient Hands-free options.
  • The quickly rechargeable battery allows for portable tunes wherever you go.
  • Compact size fits anywhere - just a little bigger than a golf ball.
 Your new Micro Pig Stereo Speaker comes with:
1 Animal Bluetooth speaker
24” USB to Mini USB charging cable
7” Lanyard
Instruction booklet