Cool Optical Illusion Oink Lamp

Product Description
  • GORGEOUS 3D EFFECT: The 3D pig night light plays trick on your eyes, it is a FLAT 2D ACRYLIC PLATE actually, but it shows the VIVID 3D ILLUSION EFFECT IN DARK NIGHT! Ideal as a bedside lamp or on a windowsill in a bedroom!
  • EASY OPERATION: Seven Color Rotation. There is a sensitive button on the base, touch once, light it up; Touch again, turn it off. Color changes in order when you touch the button: Red - Green - Blue - Yellow - Cyan - Purple - White - All colors flash through a cycle automatically!
  • ENERGY SAVING & ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY : High quality LEDs of 10,000 hours lifespan, it offers soft and uniform light, no dazzling, harmless to eyes!


Powered by 3AA batteries or USB cable

Board Material: Acrylic

Base Material: ABS

31" Cable: 3.4" X3.4" x 1.5" Base

80cm Cable: 8.5cm X8.5cm X3.8cm Base

FAQ & Answers:

Q: Is this a hologram?

A: This isn't actually a holographic image. It's a piece of plexi acrylic glass with an image on it that lights up

Q: How can I remove film without damaging it?

A: Gently peal off the film from edge of the acrylic plate. Don't use anything sharp or you might scratch it. 

Q: Could this be used to light up a room as a lamp?

A: Not really, is more of an atmosphere lamp.

Q: Is there a timer option on this? 

A: No, there is a switch key but no a timer option on the lamp. The lamp will keep on until you turn it off.

Q: With the USB cable, does it charge the light or does the cable always have to be plugged in?

A: It has to stay plugged in if you use USB supply. Or you can use 3 AA batteries instead.

Q: Can we stop at a specific color?

A: Aytime you want to stop at a color you simply tap on the power button and continue to do so until you find the color you would like. Every time you touch the power button, you manually change the color. Once you have scrolled through all of the colors, the last option is the automatic color change. 

Q:Does this lamp have the power cord included, or does it need purchased separately?

A: It comes with USB cable without plug, You can use your own adapter or just put 3 AA batteries to make it work.