Piggy Mood Decor Pillows

Oink my goodness!!! These FUN comfy piggy pillows will make a cute statement in any room!
  • SOFT AND CUDDLY: The pillows are small enough for you to cuddle or when you need extra support and comfort. It also makes an adorable accent piece on any pig lover’s sofa or easy chair.
  • GREAT TRAVELING COMPANION: You won't mind the long car or plane ride, when you can rest your head on this adorable pillow.
  • CUTE GIFT: This is a sweet gift for any special occasion, and the piggy lovers in your life will especially have a "OINK" of a time with it.
  • SIZE: Piggy Pillows 1/2/3/4 - 17" inches. Large bed cushion 44" X 20".