Swinesational Enrichment Activity Mat


Making Mealtime Swinesational!!!

Our piggies love mealtime, but it’s over so quickly! Food often disappears with a single gulp. In a matter of seconds, you’re getting the LOOK again (“more?”). If you’re searching for a way to slow down your piggy’s eating time, our may be your answer. The Enrichment Activity Mat is an excellent way to keep your piggy busy for long periods of time. It provides places to hide their mini pig pellets and treats so they can search for them, encouraging oinkers to engage in their natural rooting, foraging and sniffing behaviors to find their food. Research has shown that the acts of deliberately finding and reaching for food increase the release of digestive enzymes and aid the digestive process. The Swinesational Enrichment Activity Mat will not only keep your pet entertained, but also comes with the added bonus of having fun while enjoying their mealtime!